Filming at Senai Airport



The primary function of Senai Airport is to provide facilities for the safe, secure and efficient movement of passengers, freight and aircraft at Senai Airport. Against this background, Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd (SATSSB) works closely with commercial organisations and private persons wishing to use the airport for filming and photography. As operator of Senai Airport, Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd (SATSSB) provides a one-stop service centre for all applicants who wish to apply for a permit to carry out filming/photography at Senai Airport.  Senai Airport will make the following required arrangements on behalf of the applicant:
  • Security escort and supervision for restricted areas of the airport
  • Security pass application and processing for restricted areas
  • Basic technical support (electrical only)
  • Permit application and processing
Responsibility for filming and photography at the airport rests with Senai Airport Corporate Communications Department. Please note that all activities related with Airlines Company do not fall within Senai Airport Airport’s authority. Filming or photography requests should be directed to the Airlines Company, who operating in Senai Airport.


Application for Filming or Photography

Any person or organisation wishing to film or photograph at Senai Airport should complete the attached application form and return a copy to Corporate Communications Fourteen (14) business days before the proposed activity. The applicant also must provide official letter of application which includes the following details:
  • Synopsis/script and exact location list of the intended scene
  • Written approval or acknowledgement from PDRM for filming/taking photo at the Airport area
  • A list of ALL names and IC no./passport no. of the people coming in for the filming i.e Actors/Actresses, Sound & Equipment team/ Filming crew/ directors
  • List of transportation with plate numbers and equipments
Filming Application Form  (available soon)


Filming and Photography – Fees

A fee is levied in advance for filming and photography activity undertaken for commercial gain. The full amount of the fee will be notified by Senai Airport after an application is received and after the activity is done. No filming or photography will be permitted until the applicable fee is paid, unless prior arrangements have been made with Corporate Communications Department.  
Fees also apply to time taken to set up, from bump in to bump out. Depending on the location, timing and duration of the activity, an additional fee may also be imposed to cover the additional deployment of security or safety personnel. Out-of-hours filming also will incurs an extra fee. 

Special fees may also be applicable to major commercial filming shoots and will be negotiated by SATSSB and the client. 

Non-commercial filming or photography Fees are not charged for the following activities: 
  • Airline partners and tenants whether for internal or advertising purposes 
  • News coverage, eg breaking news stories and library footage 
SATSSB also reserves the right to waive fees at any time at its sole discretion.
Payments can be made at the following location:
Finance Collection Office,
Senai International Airport, 
81250, Johor Bahru, 
Johor Darul Ta'zim, Senai, Johor, Malaysia.