Implementation of passenger security charge at Senai International Airport, Senai, Johor (Civil Aviation Act 1969 - Civil Aviation (amendment) Regulations 2006)01 Jan 2007

Passengers using airports in the country will have to pay a security charge of RM6 for international flights and RM3 for domestic flights from Jan 15 2007. The charge will be included in the cost of the air ticket, similar to the current passenger service charge. The said charge was being collected in accordance with Regulation 170A of the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations. The security charge is applicable for all tickets issued on and after Jan 15 2007 but passengers who buy their tickets before Jan 15 2007 for travel on or after that date are not required to pay the charge. However, direct transit passenger proceeding on the same flight or who is not cleared to leave the airport area and infant below the age of two years are exempted from these charges.