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Top 5 FAQs
1. What are the hourly car parking rates at Senai International Airport?
  Senai International Airport offers two separate car parks the open car park (short term) and covered car park (long term). For the open car park...
2. If I board the shuttle bus from Singapore to Senai International Airport, would I be able to make it for my 0700 am flight?
  You need to board the 5.30 am shuttle bus at City Lounge that is scheduled to reach Senai Airport at 6.10 am in order to be on time for the 0700 a...
3. Is there any 24 hours restaurant or shops in Senai Airport?
  Senai Airport's food and beverage outlets operate daily from 6am till 10pm while the retailers open up till 9.30pm.  ...
4. How far is Senai International Airport from Johor Bahru city centre?
  The distance from Senai International Airport to Johor Bahru city centre is about 30km. You can visit our Travellers Options to view the travel g...
5. How long does it take to reach Senai International Airport from Kranji MRT Station in Singapore or from Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint?
  The journey from Kranji MRT Station to Senai International Airport takes approximately 1 hour and a half during peak hours and 1 hour d...
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Latest 5 FAQs
1. How far is Batam Island from Johor Bahru?
  The distance between Batam Island and Stulang Johor Bahru, Johor is about 25km (1 hour ferry ride). You can view the Ferry Services i...
2. How far is Senai International Airport from Kuala Lumpur?
  The distance from Senai International Airport to Kuala Lumpur is about 350km. You can visit our Travellers Options to view the travel guides provide...
3. How far is Johor Bahru City Center from Orchard Road, Singapore?
  The distance from Johor Bahru City Center to Orchard Road, Singapore is about 25km. You can visit our Travellers Options to view the travel guides pro...
4. Can i buy the AirAsia airline ticket from Senai International Airport?
  Currently, passengers can purchase AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) tickets from the ticketing counter located on the first floor of Senai Internat...
5. I would like to find out whether the long term parking promotion is still on?
  This promotion has ended effective June 10 2008 and normal rates now apply.  However, the relevant department is in the process to develop a new ...
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