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The development activities of Iskandar Development Region (IDR) earmarked under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) would cover the logistics triangle of Senai International Airport, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and Johor Port to form an integrated logistics hub for the southern region.

Given our strategic location and growth potential, we have developed a comprehensive 20-year Master Plan to transform Senai International Airport and its surrounding land to a world-class airport city comprising logistics, commercial, retail and transportation development.

With 500 acres of landbank within the vicinity of Senai International Airport, investors can take the advantage of setting up large-scale commercial and airport-related enterprises at attractive low rates; while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of being part of IDR progress.

SATS have outlined several commercial development plans to sustain the accelerated growth of Senai International Airport; which are detailed as below:

Commercial Zone
Located opposite passenger terminal and future airport mall (completion in 2008), Senai International Airport lets 90 acres of land, which is very well-suited for office boulevards, budget hotel, and factory outlet centre.

The land will be within less than 5 minutes away from the airport mall and check-in area, to provide convenience to office and factory workers, as well as travellers.

Free Zone Development
In the Free Zone area, business leases will be available for logistics and hi-tech manufacturing activities that require space, quality power supply, clean water, and superior IT infrastructure. The 110-acre areas are ideal for logistics (3PL & 4PL) regional and service centre office, cargo warehouses, halal distribution hub and hi-tech manufacturing & production plants setups.

The Free Zone's unique location where access via air, sea, land and rail transport modes is a breeze,  makes it especially attractive for a number of companies to be located here.

Promoted Activities In Free Zone:

  • Cargo Warehouses
  • Halal Distribution Hub
  • General Cargo Terminals
  • 3PL, 4PL Regional Service Centres
  • Integrator Cargo Terminals
  • High Tech Manufacturing and Production Plants

Incentives for Investment
Government policies that maintain a business environment with opportunities for growth and profits have made Malaysia an attractive manufacturing and export base in the region. In Malaysia, tax incentives, both direct and indirect, are provided for in the Promotion of Investments Act 1986, Income Tax Act 1967, Customs Act 1967, Sales Tax Act 1972, Excise Act 1976 and Free Zones Act 1990.
To find out in greater details incentives offered to investors, please visit the sites below:

Aviation Park
Senai Airport Aviation Park, located next to the Cargo Terminal is available for airport-related activities such as fixed base operations, logistics & distributions, MROs and aviation academy. This 90-acre land is offered for leasing at both the landside and airside areas.

Promoted Activities In Aviation Park:

  • Fixed base operations: aircraft management, charter & leasing, and executive jet centre
  • Logistics & distributions: Aircraft spare-parts distributions, warehouse & storage, aircraft salvage, and special handling logistics
  • MRO centre: Aircraft maintenance centre, engine repair & overhaul centre, components workshop, A/frame modification & conversion
  • Aviation Academy: PPL, CPL, ATPL Flying Academy, aircraft maintenance school, airport operations academy

Contact Us
SATS are enthusiastic in synergizing with business partners with the high ambitions to tap into the potential of Senai International Airport developments. If you have queries and feedbacks, or are interested to know how we can synergize in developing the airport, please contact us here.

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